(Must be read prior to assessment and again prior to admission)

In order to provide the best opportunity for long term recovery success and to keep focused on your program we have a set of rules (guidelines) for all clients. These rules have been proven to be successful and are in place to assist our clients with their rehabilitation process of change.

House Rules

  • No drugs including alcohol will be tolerated (alcohol is a drug).
  • Urine samples and or breath analysis are taken for drug and alcohol screening. Failure to give a urine sample within one hour on request may result in you being discharged.
  • Staff reserves the right to discharge a person on suspicion without taking urine.
  • Contaminated urine or breath analysis reading above 0.000 will be treated as a positive sample.
  • Discrimination of anyone because of their culture, race, gender, religion or sexual preference will not be tolerated.
  • Mobile Phones aren’t allowed at AAGANA (don’t bring it).
  • No outside personal contact is allowed for the first two weeks (includes letters, internet and phone calls).
  • Phone calls are supervised for clients after the first two weeks.
  • Residents are restricted to the premises unless approved by staff.
  • Curfew is 10:30pm.
  • No violence or threatening behaviour will be tolerated.
  • No offensive language towards staff or clients will be tolerated.
  • No tattooing or body piercing whilst attending the program.
  • No sex on the premises.
  • Medication is to be recorded in medication folder and signed by staff and residents. NB: Before taking any form of medication you need to inform staff.
  • Clients to be ready for morning meeting by 7:25am for 7.30am start.
  • Clients are not to bring personal vehicles (don’t bring it).
  • No Weapons of any description are to be on the premises.
  • No stealing or other illegal activities.
  • Rent is to be paid on arrival two weeks in advance (confirm amount during your admissions assessment phone call).


  • A visitor request form must be completed one week prior to visit date.
  • Visits are allowed after four weeks with staff permission.
  • All visitors will be required to sign in and sign out.
  • Visitors aren’t allowed to go inside the bedrooms.
  • Visitors are to use staff toilet only.
  • Mobile phones are to be left offsite.
  • Any items brought on site for clients first need to be approved by staff.
  • If client is sick their visit will be postponed to the following week.

House Keeping Team

  • Clients will be rostered on to the House Keeping team on a rotating roster.
  • The Daily House Keeping team (minimum two) need to stay onsite unless they have Staff Permission.
  • Daily House Keeping team duties include:

• Checking property boundaries each morning for rubbish.
• Cooking and preparing morning tea, lunch and dinner.
• Clearing and cleaning after morning tea, lunch and dinner.
• Cleaning all toilets at 3pm each day.
• Checking property after 4pm for any tools or equipment that has been left out, and putting them away.
• Completing any responsibility that is not finished by other clients.

Rising time and bed made

  • Monday to Saturday, 6.30am bed made and room tidied.
  • Saturday is a workday till lunchtime.
  • Sunday out of bed by 8am ready for Morning Meeting at 8:30 and ready for outing by 8:50am. All residents other than House Keeping who are not on the outing have the day off. The House Keeping team will complete all cooking and cleaning as per Sunday roster.
  • Rostered duties begin after Morning Meeting every day (except spring clean).

Personal Objectives

  • AAGANA has a personal goal setting skills component of our rehab program. Short term and long-term goals are discussed weekly and clients are assisted to achieve their weekly goals.
  • Clients are encouraged to keep rehab goals realistic and achievable. Staff will assist to help clients succeed.
  • To achieve longer-term goals we discuss what needs to be done weekly to achieve these goals.
  • Our staff have the experience and skills necessary to effectively guide and mentor our clients.

Music and Television

  • Audio appliances are not to be turned up loud as the purpose of the house is to fit into the community.
  • Quiet time in the house starts at 9.00pm so please respect the right of others to go to bed early.
  • Televisions are to be turned off at 10.00pm.
  • No TV before 4.00pm on weekdays, Saturday after 1pm. No TV during dinner.
  • Volume not to be more than 1/3 of maximum volume.
  • Residents with their own music must have it so you cannot hear it outside your room. Headphones are recommended.
  • Television programming includes:
    • 4pm-5pm Music
    • 5pm-7pm News and Current Affairs
    • 7pm-10pm Anything other than music Channels.
  • The House Keeping team has final say on television programming.


  • A budget plan is required to be completed within the first 2 weeks and will reflect the monies required for when you leave the program.
  • Clients will be allocated funds from their savings budget.
  • Additional withdrawals from savings is not permitted unless it is an emergency and has been given approval by Management (3 work days’ notice).
  • When leaving, all savings will be returned as per client agreement.

Gym and Training

  • A key part of our AAGANA program includes gym training. For all clients, there are three compulsory training sessions a week.
  • Additional personal training is restricted to the other four days a week.
  • For safety reasons, no one can train in the gym alone (there needs to be 2 people at all times).
  • For client safety all weight training programs are to be approved.
  • Gym is open for use Monday to Friday after 4pm.
  • Access to Gym is only available after your daily jobs are completed.
  • Weight routines have to fit into AAGANA program daily routines.
  • No split training (only once per day).
  • Clients are required to have a full day rest between weight training sessions.
  • Clients must put equipment back in its correct place.
  • No powder bulking supplements or shakes allowed.
  • No steroid use in the program.

N.A. or A.A meetings

  • Residents will attend and participate in public 12 step meetings, unless otherwise directed by staff.
  • Meeting rules (etiquette) will be read out on the bus on the way to every meeting.

Dress Code

  • When leaving the house you need to be presented appropriately:
  • dressed smart casual and cleanly shaved.
  • No singlets to be worn off site.
  • No hats to be worn under any covered areas.
  • No sunglasses on inside the house or inside any buildings.


  • AAGANA has a no smoking policy inside the house, buildings, covered areas or vehicles.
  • Smoking needs to be done at least 4 metres from any building entrance.
  • Personal items including cigarettes will only be able to be purchased on shopping day once a week.

Spring Clean

  • Spring clean is compulsory for all clients and is conducted on the first Saturday of every month.
  • Spring clean will take all morning to complete.
  • Bedrooms are to be finished by 8.30am on spring clean day.

Doctors or Emergency

  • Clients will be taken to the doctor within their first week of arrival for a health check.
  • The doctor must prescribe all medication.
  • In the event of an emergency the after hours on call doctor or an ambulance may be called.
  • We support and provide access to professional external help where appropriate.