AAGANA’S Client Profile

  • A person who lacks the ability to cope with life without substance use.
  • A person who has had traumatic life events and self-medicates.
  • A person who is at risk or has already experienced the mental health or justice system associated with their substance abuse.
  • A person who is unable to be honest with themselves regarding their addiction.
  • A person who has been introduced to recovery and has since relapsed.

AAGANA focuses on our results and not on our profit. So our returns are based on our client’s successes. In order to achieve maximum access to our program our costs for clients are kept to a minimum allowing most of our clients to leave AAGANA with personal savings.

Client contributions cover their board and lodgings, (all meals and accommodation) however these contributions do not cover the total costs for provision of our program or treatment. To cover the shortfall, we rely on public funding and grants.

For full details of costs and expenses please discuss with a staff member at the time of your phone assessment by calling AAGANA on 02 65648011 or call Mobile 0422600069